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Cool Links of interesting people I met on the road !?!?!

Cool Links Country Were we met When What they do
- Joe Bar Worldwide Paris 1975 Ride no matter what
- Zac & Oliv French Barfleur France 2013 Olivier travels 1 year in Europe with his son Zacchary on their Ural sidecar
- Bernard Pasqualini Corsica   (:+> Morrocco 2010 Sold his restaurant "Le Chat qui Rit" in Marrakech to travel around the world on his motorcycle starting December 2013
- Ian Battrick Jersey, UK Namibia 2013 A true adventurer who circle the most remote places onearth to fulfill his passion of surfing.
- Peter, Petra & Ben Dutch-Austrian Rio Grande, Ushuaia, Argentina 2006 Peter has been bicycling the world since 2005 and is now on his way to Asia with his wife and their 2 years old son.
- Gilles & Nico France Internet 2014 Gilles & Nico are travelling from France to India by land on a Africa Twin and a Transalp motorcycle.
- Ice Run Siberia Kazakhstan 2015 In march 2015 a few brave will go on a 10 day race accross Lake Baïkal...
- Marc Omar France Paris 199? Marc Omar is my nephew in his 20's, he is on his way to his own adventure. Actually in Turkey.
- Jinji Israel Himalaya, India 2015 Jinji travelled around the world on his bicycle in 42 countries, 5 continenst in 5 years starting in 2007.
- Behzad Larry India/USA Himalaya, Ladakh 2015 Behzad is a professional photographer, travels 10 months a year and runs a sustanable tourism company called VOYGR
- Alexandre Zurcher French New Delhi, India 2015 Run a rental motorcycle company in India for adventurous riders