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India - South Africa - Lesotho - Namibia

The fastest i'll get my sidecar, the faster I'll merged with the crowed.
As for the food it is either spicy or it is spicy, but I pass on it when they say it is very spicy !?!?!

Just arrived in Mumbai at midnight. Hot and humid, it feels like travelling right away.


I am boarding at Paris CDG for Mumbai. It feels very weird, of course I have nothing prepared for India except the Lonely Planet I did not read and a few maps... we will see what's happening there. Anyway, I don't know how to travel an other way so no problem !!!




After 2 months resting in Barfleur with Lorraine and Milou, I will take a plane friday to Mumbai in India where I "hope" to get my sidecar and ride north to the Himalaya mountains before the passes close for the winter. Tomorrow, llike eveery weeks since I am in France, I will go visit Françoise at Meaux before my departure.


Even with a heck of a hake, it was not easy to say goodbye to my beloved Lorraine when leaving for India.

For Marie-Françoise - My First love.


I came back to Paris spend the day with Bernard from le "Chat Qui Rit" of Marrakech, back in France, who after meeting with Jean-Louis and I three years ago in Morocco, announced us "I am going to sell my restaurant and go around the world on a motorcycle" !?!?!

He ride all South America up to Canada and is back in France full of projects, what a thrill to see him again like that.


I was supposed to fly today to Mumbai India but the cargo was send to Hong Kong after the stop in Singapore unstead of going directly to Mumbai. There is nothing to worry about because in any case ships do what they want and when they want it their only commitement is to deliver the sidecar to Mumbai... one of these days.

I reschedule my plane to Mumbai on September 12... 2014.

Bernard from "Le Chat Qui Rit" in Marrakech is back in France from his motorcycle tour of the Americas.
Je vous expliquerais plus tard pour les sandwichs aux tartines Poilânes, mais n'hésitez pas, c'est délicieux.


I took the train last night from Barfleur to Paris just to watch Frédéric and his friend Pascal leave Paris for their 3 years ride around the world

I met Frédéric 1 year ago when I was recuperating in Barfleur. He decided then "I will leave Paris on August 2, 2014


It it very refreshing to see that it is still possible if you have the will. His sidecar has 600km and is not yet ready for the ride, but on my opinion, it has no importance, he will do it while riding.

This is what I wrote about him last year:


"The meeting of an amazing guy:

I called Frédéric who wrote me for the first time the week before because he wanted to buy a Ural sidecar for his travels. We met at lunch at Gare Saint Lazare and spend 5 hours together.

Frederic (27) did a business school.

Today, he designed a "Mototent®" (you park your motorcycle inside the tent where you sleep). The tents are manufactured in China and sold in Europe under the name of the company he founded (www.LoneRider-Motorcycle.fr). It is also sold through major catologues like 'Touratek" or "Le Vieux Campeur".

He also already traveled on motorcycle extensively, USA, Colombia, Brazil, India and did a solo Peking > Paris through Central Asia.

He took with him a young cousin of his out of school to train him in his business so he can have the time to keep travelling on a regular basis in the futur.

Congratultion on your achievement at your young age Frederic, it is very refreshing to see that it is still possisble to do these days !!!

August 2, 2014, at 11am, Frédéric (28) & Pascal (29) left Trocadéro, Paris for a 3 years ride around the world.


After the choucroute party of Entourloupe, we toured Est of France in Lorraine's van and saw the final match of the world cup soccer in Germany. We are now back in Barfleur.

Guy & Claudette have been tempting us for years to share their famous "choucroute d'Entourloupe".
Vincent who left his sidecar at the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan joined us for the occasion.
I hope to meet again in the Himalaya mountains in the next couple of months.

Shipping my sidecar to India
Obviously, they made a mistake when they weighted my sidecar in Kgs, it has to be in lbs ?!?!?     (;+>

At my arrival in Paris, I had breakfast with my sister Marie-France, lunch with Marie-Françoise - the mother of my daugters Eve and Lucie - I admire her courage facing a nasty health problme. Then Frédéric came pick me up on a Ghome Rhone 1936 sidecar and we had dinner with a dozen of his friends. Tomorrow I go to Barfleur.


The cargo taking my sidecar to India will sail on june 30 from Cape Town and will arrive in Mumbai, India around August 10.

I took a plane ticket to fly to Paris tomorrow to be with Lorraine in July and I will fly to India on August 8.

Arriving close to Cape Twon, I could again
ride in short and T-shirt with all my stuff inside the sidecar... no extra bag outside. "Syndrome" is knock-out !?!?!

Since I came back to South Africa, I had to ajust to the cold winter in the 30ºF,
but I was very comfortable riding all day long feeling warm... too bad it took me so long to get there !!!


The next boat from Cape Town to Mumbai is the "MOL Advantage 5810B" departure date is set at June 26... I will be there !!!

My sidecar was ready to go but I had a screw on the front tire.
I mounted the rear spare wheel (no brake) to came back to my backpacker and make the repair...

The new sump guard I bought from Raceway USA, needs to move the motor up to install the rear right braket,
could anybody confirm or tell me what I am doing wrong ? Preping the sidecar will leave in a couple of days.


The 36 hours bus ride was very confortable and pleasant, the gas station food reaussuringly good. I have a little bit of maintenance to do on the sidecar for a couple of days then I will ride to Cape Town to ship the sidecar to India.

The the package Giorgio send me by DHL that took so long to clear the Namibian custom were heated greap. The one I installed in 2008 stop working very recently and I thought I will appreciate them in the Himalaya's mountains !?!?!

The bad news here it's winter time, at night it goes below 32ºF and I am not used to it these days !

Feels really great to be back on my sidecar at Ryno's place in Johannesburg, South Africa.


I was waiting in Walvis Bay for a package coming fron Giogio in Geneva that was stack at the Namibian custom under the care of DHL.
Now that I got my package, I'll take a 36 hours bus tomorrow to go to Johannesburg get my sidecar at Ryno's shop. Then I will ride to Cape Town and ship my sidecar to India...


The video "Namibian Safari by Jessica" conclude the photos and videos stories about our safari.

ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Etosha, Namibie.

In 1981, "Avenir", the largest billboard company in France, requisitioned all its billboard in every city of France. The succes of this simple campaign proved the importance of the billboard support in advertising and the ability by Avenir to post all its billboard of France overnight. This French advertising campaign became as well known as the 1984 USA Wendy's campaign "Where is the Beef" and Myriam became an instant celebrity but chose to live her life in spirituality instead of celebrity. At age 50 today, Myriam is still as cute and charming as she was.






If you recall, the day we arrived in Walvis Bay for our Safari, I went with Lorraine to see Ion taking a train (and a plane) to visit his friends in Norway.


As you will see, travelling is not always easy!


Last night I had dinner with Ion's when he explained me his saga to go to Norway:

- The train was supposed to leave at 7pm but left at 9pm

- at 10 am next day I jumped out of the train one stop before Windhoek

- I took a taxi to the airport but arrived too late, my plane to Johannesburg already left

- I bought a new ticket to go to Johannesburg ($200)

- In Johannesburg, my Schengen visa was good for Norway but not for UK

- No way I could stop by London and visit my son without a UK visa.

- I missed my plane, slept at the airport waiting next morning for a solution

- A good samaritan airplane person booked me through Frankfurt ($120)

- In Frankfurt they stopped me at the gate going to Oslo

- A in-depth interogation started on why I did not have a visa for London if I bouth a ticket to London ?!?!?

- After repeatedly telling them:

      - 3 years ago when I visited my son, I did not needed a visa

      - My travel agent who sold me the ticket Walvis Bay>London >Oslo

         never told me I needed a visa other than the Schengen visa,

- When they finally let me go, of course my plane for Oslo already left

- It cost me an other $75 to get on the next one and arrive 2 days late in Oslo

- Then I met my friend, we had a great time together and the return fight was no problem.


After ion finished his stories that took a good chunk of the dinner, I told him my side of the story:

"The week before our Safari my friend Giorgio who was supposed to came with us had a kidney stone crisis. When I understood he could not came, I called you the day before we left France to invite you to came with us at our safari and take Giorgio's seat. I asked you how you were doing on the phone and you told me "I am  doign great, a friend invited me to visit him in Norway for 10 days. He bought me the plane ticket so I could not refuse, I am leaving in 3 days"...



Dinner last night at Ion's house with his protégé Issaskar, Aleta and Mwalish who did not saw
their mom for the last 2 months and Peter from Poland travelling Africa on a Chinese motorcycle.


Happy birthday my beloved Lorraine, I love you very very much.

Surfing the first magics barrel waves of the season at Skeleton Bay in the Namib desert of Namibia.

Lorraine est de retour à Barfleur, c'est de plus en plus difficile de se séparer à chaque fois !!!


Our safari ended last night, we are back in Walvis Bay.

It was everything i was hoping for, like magic, and Lorraine is flying back to France tomorrow !!!

The surfers arrived for the first magic tunnels of the season on the Skeleton Bay, I will go with them thursday...

Our campsites were among the highlihts of our safari i will always remember. "White Lady", Namibia.

Lorraine won the best shot of the safari, and by far... from her iPad. Epupa Falls

Jessica and Jon are back to work in California and will post these photos while for Lorraine and I, the safari continue.
Even if we expected to see a lot of animals, it was bloody more impressive when we saw it from our own eyes !!!

En route to a safari in Namibia led by Francois with Lorraine, Jessica and Jon.

Unfortunately, Eve and Peter could not came and Giorgio pissed away the oportunity because of kidney stone attack !!!

When you go on a 2 weeks camping safari with Francois, don't expect to loose weight !!!

We arrived just on time in Walvis Bay to catch Ion taking a train (and a plane) to visit friends in Norway.
Ion's protege, Issaskar and Aleta are still doing well with their 2 other brother and siter.


I told you !?!?! - Oracle is still very strong in Frankfurt.





Today, we are flying to Namibia for a 2 weeks camping family safari with Francois from Walvis Bay.

We being: Lorraine, Jessica, Jon, Giorgio and me.


From CDG airport, I just realised how lucky I am, my flights has a 3 hours layover in Frankfurt... I can't tell you how many "authentic" I will eat but for sure, it will be several of them !!!

In the 60's, my best friend Yan (photo inset) showed me the door to independence and freedom in life that I opened enthusiastically. He was in school for architecture with his friend Attila (photo) in Paris. We all  had a natural instinct against the Establishment - may be even close to anarchy for some of us. We all took a path of freedom in our choices of life. Yan lived 6 years in Japan and then had 4 beautiful daughters back in France (Shalimar in Mongolia, May 2010). He died in Paris in 1994 in a car accident. Attila started painting at age 12. He applied his vision as an architect for the people in Mayotte and La Reunion (on each side of Madagascar). The last time I saw him before today in Paris was in 1983 at my nightclub the "Paradis Latin " when fortunately, Lorraine choose to fall in love with me and not with him.

In this photo, Attila is enumerating the multiple reasons why we were right to choose freedom vs social correctness in our life, and we both agreed that there was a price we paid for that, but it was totally irrelevent !!!

Lorraine got her 10 year "Titre de Sejour for France (green card).
It took us 3 years, 6 meetings with 3 refusal to get there. Thank you Jean-Pierre for getting us there !?!?!

I had breakfat sunday morning with my sister Marie France and Nico who told me
"I will take you to your train for Barfleur with something to eat". I had Radishes, paté, ham, pig feet vinaigrette,
baguette, strawberries, crème fraiche, butter, coke and sparkling water... what a treat, thank you Nico !!!



Flying to Paris...

We got the gears from Ilya yesterday and Issaac put them together in the final drive.
I am on N1 going to Cape Town where I will take my plane for France next Friday.
Thank you so much Ryno for your hospitality & your kindness with your family. My sidecar is like new again !!!

When Emma was asked what's your hobby, she simply replied "FOOD" !!!
I then realized I had to update my profile in Who is Hubert ?

Wednesday 3/26/14

After meeting Ryno's Ural sidecar team in the Drakensberg, I saw that I damaged the large gear of the final drive again due to the harsh condition I had in Lesotho. Ilya send me the part by DHL that I expect to be delivered at Ryno's shop today.

Withing a day or two, I will take the road to Cape Town to drop my sidecar to Duncan from African Overlanders who will ship it to India.

As for me, I will fly to France to be with Lorraine for the renewal of her French green card - we hope to have a 10 years renewal this time.

In May, I will fly to Namaibia with Lorraine, Jessica and Giorgio for a 2 weeks camping safari with François from Walvis Bay. Then I will fly to my sidecar waiting for me in Munbai, India...

Doing my maintenance under the hospitality of Ryno's near Johannesburg

Ural convention from Ryno's sidecar team, Amphitheater, Drakensberg, South Africa.

Wednesday 3/12/14

I had to change the bearing of the axis of the sidecar wheel after all the abuse it had to endure in the difficults roads of Lesotho.I am leaving Underberg to meet Ryno and his sidecar team for their annual event in the Drakensberg at the Amphitheater backpacker where I will be able to watch the first GP of  F1 from  Australia sunday.

I completed all my stories on Lesotho, I just have to finish the video.


I am back near Mokhotlon a couple of hours away from the Sani Pass.

I had a great time in Lesotho and I loved it, the true hospitality of these people is a gret experience as a traveler.

I will return to South Africa by the Sani pass in a couple of days and I will meet Ryno and his sidecar team in the Drakensberg next week.


After the Sani Pass, I took a few days alone near Mokotlong in a remote lodge without electricity to update my website. Then I took the south route of Lesotho to Sehongong, Sehlabathebe and Qacha's Nek where I came to fillup gas. The Matebeng pass is known as being the roughest road in Lesotho but I was able to get through.

I just have to leave the mains roads to find the true hospitality of Lesotho people, like here in Hohoben.
(L to R) Tokelo, son 16 - Masitat and son - Matukelo & gd daughter - Moheho - Lemohang son 21 - Friend

Yesterday, at 6:04 am New York time, I was working very hard to reset the Sump Guard .
Then I started working on Final Cut Pro X - and I did good - I completed the Sani Pass video.


I am back in Lesotho at the Sani Pass after spending a couple of days down in Enderberg South Africa to connect myself on internet and update my web site.

If anybody is asking for me, just tell them "Bonzo" is in the mountains of Lesotho for a while !!!   (;+>


For the 3rd time, I did the Sani Pass with the 18" rear wheel this time now that the carburators are properly
jetted (122-38-1.5) because I wanted to compare with the 19" rear wheel. I didit all along in one shot but
by now, I know all the hairpins and all the rocks by heart and I know also where not to put my front wheel.
I did enough testing, I will post a story with all the details and my final choice of what will works for me !!!


I may not be online for February 16 at 6:04 am New York time that will mark my 10th year on the road, but I will celebrate the brilliant idea I had that day !!!


I love you all



As soon as I get a connection, I will go back to the Lesotho moutains in search of my African Pourou !!!

I made it to the top in the fog and then it started pouring rain.
I stay tonight at the lodge where I met Yves, a bicycliste friend from France we met a few days ago.
I got a 30 days visa so I have plenty of time to get lost in the mountains of Lesotho.

The stiff uphill is not even close to the annonced 30º grade. I goofed one time only with a bad trajectory.
Restartng in the uphill was tricky but I made it. Thank you to the camshaft and the 18" rear wheel.

FIrst I goofed, Jean-Louis not being there, I went straight and landed balancing the frame of
the sidecar on a big rock. Thank you my friend for rescuing me from this bad humiliating situation.


I am at the foot of the 9200 feet Sani Pass . The steep uphill with a grade of 30% gravel road will be  for me the ultimate "Torque" test of the performance of my new set up on my sidecar with the new camshaft and the18" rear wheel.

As soon as the weather clear, I will attempt to ride it and enter Lesotho to lost myself in the mountain's villages where people looked so joyous when we drove through breifley in november. They live an extrem simple life with no electricity and no running water... so don't expect too much communication from me when I will be there !?!?!

As for Jean-Louis, he is riding est toward the sunny beaches of South Africa.

We enjoyed our last Kentcky Fried Chicken together for a while,
thank you Jean-Louis, we share extraordinary memories of our travel together in Africa.


After the Ural meeting at Ryno's shop, there were a major storm that took down internet at Ryno's house. I spend the week working on the sidecar doing a good maintenance program and a few others improvements. I left yesterday riding south with my new performance engine (new camshaft). The torque is very good but only half way between what it was and the new injectected 2014 Ural (that has the same camshaft).

Then, I tested riding with a 18" rear wheel (vs the original 19")  and that was a fantastic experience. Between the performance camshaft and the 18" rear wheel, I can say I am at 80% of the torque of the new 2014 injected Ural and the handling of the sidecar barely change, not a problem there.

My spare wheel is now 18" that I will mount when in difficult terrain. I will also use it as a regular spare wheel for the sidecar wheel as welll as for the front wheel (but of course like with the 19" wheel when mounted on the front there are no brake, but I can ride to the next village or get out of trouble).

Over 30 people showed up at the "Timelessride" open house in the heat of South Africa at theUral dealer.

- 11:20 pm (wednesday), flight from Paris to Johannesburg
- 11:00am (thursday) Ryno who picked me up at the airport proved me he did not sold my sidecar
- 2 pm I start opening the motor
- 4 pm Conrad open the distribution
- 5 pm the unique high performance camsaft Ilya and Sergey gave me in Seattle is in place
- That's what I call a productive day !?!?!

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