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10-7-2015 10:21 AM
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NICO 94 
Douce France
6-20-2012 01:14 PM  Write a comment

Alors ?
Qu'est c'est t'y qu' t'y mets dans ton tube Hubert ?

Tony san Japan:
Nice Nico, very nice.
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6-18-2012 10:20 AM  Write a comment

toujours autant de reve, merci pour ces superbes photos de Namibie, quel beau pays,fantastique !

Bon voyage !
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NICO 94 
Douce France
6-17-2012 02:03 PM  Write a comment

a ce qui parait on peut tout crire sur ton guestbook !
Et ben moi, j'ai pas peur de dire, que, j'ai trouv ton dernier photo-reportage "vie souterraine" sublime !

Voila c'est tout je l'ai dit

Cordiales embrassades, et bonne semaine sous les cieux Africains
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6-17-2012 12:31 PM  Write a comment

Happy Father's Day Daddio!

For your present, I will get you a crab dinner in Tahoe this december. Just remind me!

Love you a lot. Thank you for being the best dad.


hubert in Namibia:
Thank you d'dou, any crab above 6 lb will do and don't worry, I will remind you and I will do the mayonnaise !!!

I love you very much too

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Benito and Tanja 
6-14-2012 11:54 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert,

The next week we drive for 4 weeks to France. Do you have some friends by whom we are welcome for 1-2 days? It would be nice if they also could speak English, or german:)


P.S. Namibia is a nice country

docormoy frederic:
i m leaving 40miles from the est of paris may i help you

benito and tanja:
Hi frederic,
where we can find you


hubert in Namibia:
i just wrote both of you an email.
have a good time in france benito
give a big kiss to your beautiful Tanja for me.

Hello Tanja & Benito,
I'm living in Lyon.
I will be there from July 3rd.
I will be happy to welcome you if you are around.
Sorry if I answerlate but I'm currently out of France.


Sorry again.
My Email is :

philipmazz#@*%! without *
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Sacramento, California
6-14-2012 05:42 AM  Write a comment

I have to ask - what is the tube/cylinder, under the back of the side-car, that you can see in the photo. I noticed it in an early photo


Tony san:
Ro-Bear, I can't resist any longer, I have been waiting for someone to comment.
The pipe is the outlet pipe from the on board toilet. That's why Hubert's sidecar is so heavy. Ha ha.
But seriously we would all like to know the purpose of the pipe. I'm sure that it has been mentioned before but I'm having a senior moment 'again' and can't remember.

I hope you are doing well. I looked under my sidecar and I don't have that - maybe I didn't get the "OB toilet option" on mine. That would come in handy some times.


hubert in Namibia:
It's just an other "don't leave home without it !!!"
I will make a couple of photos soon to show you what it does, it's very good !!!


Oh Yeahhhh , just tell us. I am also very curious what this pipe-thingamaging is under the sidecar. :-)

Tony san Japan:
Must be the air intake.
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cot de Bazas France
6-14-2012 01:38 AM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert
Pour moi je pense au environ de 350 kg tout compris, entre les divers outils, les pices de rechange, les pneus, plaques de dsensablage il m'a mme sembl voir une barre mine... Je pense que le plus lger de ses fourniments sont probablement les habits, surtout dans cette rgion.
Bon courage toi et bientt de te lire.
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Qubec, Canada
6-12-2012 06:00 PM  Write a comment

Bonjours Tibre !
Je pense que le poids dans ton side s'approche du poids sant ! non ! avoue que je t'aide ne pas tre obliger de suivre une dite ! :-)
Continue t'amuser, et je pense que le poids est de 264 lbs.:-)
Est ce que je suis loin du poids ! :-) et je gagne quoi ! :-)
A+ Claude.
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6-12-2012 10:23 AM  Write a comment

Kobo Kobo ... wath a nice place, i will love to stay there for some days!!

nice rides!
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Sacramento, CA
6-11-2012 10:19 PM  Write a comment

What is the prize for the person who guesses the weight of your stuff?

hubert in Namibia:
"The Price" for the person who guesses the weight of all my stuff I have in the sidecar - and humiliate me - will be to come with me and carry half of it !!!

I love you doudou


You need to get one of those "moto-mule" trailers like Alex bought - you can never have enough "stuff" to be prepared. Great photos - you really captured the spirit of the farm. You certainly have a talent for finding these places.


I'll bet 257# USA pounds. But I can only carry it in my sidecar.

360 lbs

330 kilos !

Tony san:
157 Kilos

I think it will be around 180 kg's . ;-) Including Hubert.

Richard in Santa Monica:
Hi U-Bear, Juanita and I are guessing that you have 250 lbs. (US) of stuff in your sidecar. We loved the photos from Kobo Kobo. Thanks again and hope to see you soon.

One of the Moto-Mule Trailers wouldn't suffice for the Hubert's level of "Preparedness".... He'd need TWO of them, or just ONE sidecar!
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Tony & Yoko 
Shizuoka Japan
6-11-2012 05:21 PM  Write a comment

Kobo Kobo!!!!!!!! What a wonderful place and what a write up. Gert would be proud on how you have portrayed Kobo Kobo.
Kristen, how we wish that we could just hop on the bike and spend some time there.
Fantastic. We can only dream!!!!!!!!!!!
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6-8-2012 04:52 AM  Write a comment

Bonjour Hubert,
Comment ne pas te dire bravo ?
Un petit mot mot pour te dire que tu me mets les boules ... qui peut arriver faire tout ce que tu sais faire ? That is the question.
En tout cas tu nous montres que tout est possible avec de la volont, du plaisir, du temps, et ta capacit aider tout ceux que tu rencontres.
Moi je te dois normment et ... tu m'as pas cout cher ! ( redmarrer le 125 Moto Guzzi et acqurir le XT600 ... LOL ) Je m'tale pas mais tout avance bien en ce moment, et mme plus vite et mieux videmment au fil du temps. Mon credo c'est : " N'oublies pas d'attaquer avec joie un problme chaque jour. " et a marche ; avec un peu d'aide ici et l, je partirai cet t avec le 125, et aprs ce sera la prparation du Yamaha.
Je t'embrasse fort et pense toi

hubert in Namibia:
Tu sais dominic, je n'ai jamais l'impression que je sais faire plein de chose. Je bricole bien mais je ne suis qu'un bricoleur et jusqu' prsent a m'a amen jusqu'en Namibie, alors je ne me plains pas !!!

je t'embrasse

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Tony & Yoko 
Shizuoka Japan
6-5-2012 02:38 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert, nice touches to your web site. We like it very much. We hope the bike will be running well again. You must be looking forward to moving on.
Take care and Ride Safe.

hubert in Namibia:
Tony, I am checking your web site everyday and we have no news from you since 3 weeks !!!
Are you around Moscow ?
Keep riding my friend

Tony san:
Hi Hubert, please check my homepage and look at 'As it happens' from 22nd April. I contracted some kind of Lung infection and returned home to Japan. It has taken around a month to recover. Now I am to late to attend the meetings that I had planned in Europe. As for the other three guys I have no idea where they are. They have not contacted me for weeks. I have had no information from them so I reduced the content of the 'Overland' site
Me? I have put this trip behind me as health comes first and this year will enjoy more of Japan.

hubert in Namibia:
Sorry to read you were sick, obviously, I miss that and was just looking at the rest of the trip of your friends.
I am glad you feel better after one month of recovery at home.
That's all count, take a good care of yourself and your wife.
All my best my friend and I hope to see you soon.


Tony san Japan:
Hi Hubert, Yes, I hope we can meet one of these days. Maybe we can arrange a meeting at the La Closerie des Lilas or somewhere similar in the near future.
I hope you enjoyed your visit to Swakopmund and your time with Kirby over the weekend.
Ride safe my friend

Paul USA:
get well soon ...
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6-2-2012 02:10 PM  Write a comment

Tu m'as donn une ide mon Ami : je vais changer ma gear box avant de me casser en Islande...Ah ah ! elle a 100000 kms et comme je vais faire les pistes.
Fais gaffe aux nids de poule... :p
Bises toi,

hubert in Namibia:
2 choses pour toi Dan

1 - Ne t'inquite pas si tu as du mal a remonter la couronne dans la boite de vitesse parcequ'elle vient du pont arrire !!

2 - Comme a m'a tout l'air d'tre une cassure nette, tu peux utiliser de la "Super Glue" et faire encore au moins 10.000km avec.

je t'embrasse

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5-30-2012 02:35 AM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,
lors de notre dernire rencontre tu mas dit donne-moi des nouvelles, alors voici demain jarrive Tyumen en Sibrie, puis direction Salekhard.

Le voyage se passe comme tous voyages, limportant est, de toujours faire face.

A Irbit dans la fabrique Ural la personne qui soccupe des identifications pour les moto a mis la photo de toi en Namibie comme fond dcran, DA.

Tu trouveras des photos sur mon blog.

Je te souhaite une bonne route et si toi tu aimes dire prend un risque aujourdhui, moi je dis on the road & Carpe diem Aldo

hubert in Namibia:
Formidable Aldo, te voila aux portes de la Sibrie avec ton Ural.
Profite bien, ce sont des souvenirs que tu n'oubliera jamais.
je t'embrasse et bonne route a toi vers le nord

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5-29-2012 12:55 PM  Write a comment

May He bless & keep you, May He turn his Head to greet you, may He hold you in the palm of His hand....N 6.22-26
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Michael Huber 
5-28-2012 08:59 AM  Write a comment

Bonne chance, Hubert, et bonne route trs tot :-)

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Valencia, Espaa
5-28-2012 08:49 AM  Write a comment

That gearbox must be the good one,

I can feel it!

big hug
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NICO 94 
douce France
5-26-2012 12:43 PM  Write a comment

dsol chez moi elles bug tes lunettes !!
Si, si j' te jure ...

J'ai bien une petite ide moi aussi pour baptiser votre van
" Magic Bus"
I drive my baby every way
Each time I go a different way
Too much, the Magic Bus

Sur ce je t' embrasse bien fort et te souhaite de retrouver au plus vite l'usage de tes trois roues

"dsol chez moi elles bug tes lunettes !!'

Mais c'est normal, Nico, avec ta gentillesse, ta gnrosit, et ta chouette famille, tu ne vois que les sourires des gens autour de toi.

Merci merci de ta gnrosit Nico, je garde le souvenir de toi faisant le tour de France avec ton fils Charles dans ton sidecar bleu... sans oublier comment Hary imite si bien ta fille Emma. (,+>

je vous embrasse trs fort.

"Si ton chien se prends pour un singe fait le grimper dans le panier "
proverbe Africain

( 21.08.1959 .) , . 2011 olmira59 - ! , ;-2018 . , , .. !!! 29.03.2001. 15.05.2002. ; ;
1959 xy !!!
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Thierry Cellier 
North Vancouver
5-25-2012 09:25 PM  Write a comment

Wahoo! j'ai le petit logo avec les lunettes rouges ........ great ! ;-)
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5-25-2012 06:01 PM  Write a comment

Pour Ti-bert empereur de la route et conducteur de char moderne.! :-)
et Lorraine.
Il y a quelques temps vous vouliez donner un nom pour le vhicule de Lorraine que dite vous de l'appeler ( La niche milou ) je suis sur que milou serais trs heureux de cela !:-) personne n'a penser lui il se sentirait du voyage.
Il me semble que ce serais rigolo de voir a.
Et bien + et ont vous aime gros tous les trois.
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5-20-2012 08:04 AM  Write a comment

"when the main gear snapped from one to the other, the jolt of it broke the gear of the final drive."

Hubert, I am just wondering, isnt it the oposite way - you first broke the final drive because you were in deep sand. The final drive got stuck because of the teeth broken and that's how bent the shafts in the gearbox. Could it be this way??

Anyway, good it is not -40C.

Gregor Gebauer, Leipzig:
If youz include a new gearbox, the motor sahaft must be centered. I woul imagine this can be the cause for transmission problems. On the other hand, of course, the blocked final drive can be the cause. The spilled hot spot on the gear shaft is against this.
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5-19-2012 08:02 PM  Write a comment

As a demonstration of how small the world is, I'd compare your "A Hell of a Return" as similiar to my running out or gas on the I90 belt line around Madison Wisconsin, on a Sunday with bumper to bumper traffic at 65mph. I sat for over two hours till an biker driving an 18 wheeler pushed his way over and picked me up taking me to the nearest gaz station. Then another two hours waiting for my friend Mara to come pick me up and deliver me back to the bike. I did beat the sunset but I wasn't any more alone than if I had been at the beach in Africa.

Back on the road again.

Nice of that trucker to give you a ride to the gas station.

However running out of gas on an interstate is not much of a comparable analogy to busting a final drive on an African desert beach.

One is human failure, the other is mechanical failure.

It amazed me the other day when I had a flat tire, how many bikers stopped and offered to help - several made u-turns and came back to help. There were 3 other bikes helping an old man.....


The turn off at Cnty N, where I usually get off a was closed for repairs to I had to go an extra 15 miles and eating up my reserve gas.

The pressure of 4-6 lanes of 65mph bumper to bumper traffic didn't allow anyone enough time to either see me or be able to slip out of traffic as many motorcyclist normaly do. The Trucker that stopped actually bullied his way over becasue he knew that otherwise I'd be there till midnight. I'd rather be on Hubert's beach with a handful of fishermen and their trucks passing by with the ease of stopping if it looked like help was needed. Africa just might not be as wild as you thing it is, as shown it the stories that follow.
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JL Guenot 
Gers France
5-19-2012 01:51 PM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert

Tu n'est pas au fin fond de la Namibie, c'est dj a.
Le vhicule idale n'existe pas, c'est une certitude, , voyager lger par contre en est une , mais le sable pas bon pour les pignons.
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5-19-2012 06:06 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert,
I'll take 100 days where you are with a broken trans in exchange for one where I sit any time.
Good Luck my friend.
Robin and David

hubert in Namibia:
As much as I love you and Robin, it's a no deal David, I keep my 100 days where I am - and my broken trans - and you keep your one day where you seat on Broadway.
All my best my friend.

David was my only friend to be at Prince Street on February 16, 2005 at 6:04am when I left Manhattan for good in direction of the Arctic Circle.

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5-18-2012 03:01 PM  Write a comment

Hubert, After all that soul cleansing the bath water is still dirty. LOL

Have mercy on us!

hubert in Namibia:
If you look at the last story "A Hell of a Return" you will understand why the water is still dirty !!!

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Neubrandenburg, Germany
5-18-2012 05:18 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert,
thanks for all the reports and beautiful pictures, you have made. Skeleton Beach - my verdict is : whow . Hey, keep on trucking. Good luck and everything meight work well. Hubert.
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5-17-2012 04:21 AM  Write a comment

Congratulate to Martin and Julius for such a beautifull gesture.
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Guy et Claudette 
5-16-2012 10:23 PM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,
Trs mouvant ta semaine de reflexion,
j'avais dj repr Vnus sur ta page d'accueil et sur ta dernire photo tu avais galement Saturne tout en haut de l'cran durant les nuits o tu ne dormais pas.
Voici une copie du ciel que tu pouvais avoir.
On attends les dernires nouvelles de la boite.
A bientt Hubert.
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Munich, Germany
5-16-2012 01:32 PM  Write a comment

Dear Hubert,
I am following your stories and pictures since you had some media coverage 2009 here in Germany.

The "one week alone at the beach" from Namibia is just fantastic. The pictures blow me away. You are living your dream and I am very happy for you.

Kind regards from Munich and all the best for your ongoing journey,
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Sacramento, California
5-16-2012 06:04 AM  Write a comment


If sometimes you feel that you aren't alone, you are correct. All of us are with you in spirit, looking over your shoulder, staring at the ocean and the big beautiful sky, thinking "DAMN, WHY AREN"T I SITTING THERE TOO".

OH bien, mon temps viendra - mais nous vivons en ce moment grce vous

My only excitement lately was my rear pusher tire going flat very quickly at 60 MPH last night, in traffic. It was like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - that gets your heart started.......

Enjoy your time alone and the solitude,

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Andres Bunout 
Temuco Chile
5-15-2012 07:32 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert

I just realice that im following your histories for more than 4 years!!

Thanks! ... You are a inspiration!!

And this year i definitly start a long run trip on my f650gs trougth south america

Have nice roads and enjoy the routh!


fred de lorraine:
Hello, happy to meet a chilian guy following the same pleasant time on hubert 's web site, i love CHILI and have friends in Pucon, lovely country i have discoved some years ago whith my son ans my wife, a friend of my is living there for 20 years, half a year in france and half in Chili,
get your kit with your bike, i have many plans for the future in chili, in 1 or 2 years
regards from france, fred de lorraine

Hello Fred!!

i already trvel trogth Chile from Arica to Punta Arenas, but im always looking for a nice ride with friends! soo next time you come to Chile giveme a call.
i live in Temuco, near to Pucon.

see you!

my mail: andres#@*%!
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Benoit G 
5-14-2012 10:24 AM  Write a comment

Hello Hubert, je te suis depuis plusieurs annes. Je visite ton site tous les jours et tu as rellement chang ma vie. Grace toi, tes voyages, tes relations familiales et tes amis je regarde les gens autrement. Merci pour cela. Je suivrais ton parcours sans rpis. Je te souhaite de belles rencontres. Tu as trouv ce qui rend l'Homme meilleur.
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Joe Poulter 
Gosport / Portsmouth UK
5-14-2012 02:41 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubear. Wishing you well and safe,Although my R850R Beemer is 1997 it does require lots of TLC due to the offroad trips and has covered 39,700 miles.Your excellent Blogg you send all of us of your Adventures, you are having with a lot of OFF road rideing are so inspiring and of course take a very heavy toll on the bikes matchinary, Keep the old dear going Hubear as you know every nut & bolt on her well done your friend UK Joe.
A Request I am travelling to Geneva with my Bmwrig in July and it would be nice to say Hello to Georgio could i ask you for his contact address if possible. kind regards Uk Joe

Hubert in Namibia:
Hello Joe,
I just send you an email with Giorgio's contact in Geneva.
Hope you get lucky to arrive a day the grill is on !!!
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Guy et Claudette 
5-13-2012 10:45 PM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,
C'est quand tu roules.., c'est fini les vacances.
Mais c'est quand mme beau de pouvoir rester une semaine loin de tout et en bord de mer, as-tu remarqu que tous les soir tu t'es endormi avec Vnus en fond de toile (voir ta superbe photo de page d'accueil).
Bonne route Hubert, on t'embrasse.
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5-13-2012 09:56 AM  Write a comment

Hello Hubert,

I wish I could do that to. At least take a week of void of duty, people and telephone and internet. Just my URAL, my outdoor equipment and me. :-)

Don't we all wish that - I think Hubert has found the only beach that deserted, with no phones or people.

Ro-Bear (California)
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5-11-2012 05:51 PM  Write a comment

La voila!!!
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5-11-2012 05:25 PM  Write a comment

C'est trs dur de ne pas sauter sur ma moto et de partir faire des photos au loin comme tu le fait, si bien !!! surtout les couchs de soleil, ce que j'aime plus particulirement, si tu n'en fait pas beaucoup serait il parce que la fin de la journe tu est fatigu et tu n'a plus les yeux en face des trous ??!!! :-)
n'empche que je suis heureux de te lire depuis 2 ans, mais j'ai reu la picure de partir comme tu le fait !!! c'est vrais que c'est contagieux et il n'y a pas de vaccin pour cela !!! :-) Ha oui !! la photo du couch de soleil que je t'envoi elle provient de Ile aux Grue prs de Qubec
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Hans Muellers 
Toronto, Canada
5-11-2012 06:39 AM  Write a comment

Too many repairs! Hubert, please tell us why you switched from a BMW to a Ural. I know you had problems at the end with your BMW, and a 'new' Ural seemed a good idea while travelling in Russia and Mongolia. But now you are back and fixing up your old Ural, over and over. Don't you think it is time to switch back to a "NEW" BMW and sidecar, with all the latest (better?) or improved mechanical ways? Those gears should NOT have been worn down as much as your pictures showed, no matter the age or (ab)use the parts had to endure. You will still be on the road for some time, Hubert! Time for a last Hurray and a change of Bikes ? Take a collection for all of us towards your 'NEW' bike, I am sure we will all chip in if you say you need a 'NEW' bike.
Bon yoyage Hans

The reason for taking a URAL instead of a "beamer" is in fact very simple: the friggin' beamers do not cut it when it is needed. Urals on the other hand are made for the rough and thus need a lot maintenance. Besides since Hubert rides his URAL it has gone through some serious and heavy-duty terrain. And if needed one can throw in the two-wheel drive. Up till now I have not seen that on a beamer-rig.
And there is also another thing we should not forget:
It is not a question if it does break down. But more a question of when will it break down!? :-)

At least he can fix the URAL!!

Hans Muellers:
Thank you for the comments, fellows. The 'new' bike does not have to be a beamer, it can be a Honda, Suzuki or even a 'better' (newer) Ural. The point is... repairs such as Hubert just had should not be needed after just 50K no matter the use of the bike. Should we all put together a collection for Hubert to get a new bike ?
That is the question !!!!

Well I must admit that for a "beamer" there is some apeal. But nothing more. But for crying out loud : JAPNESE thingamagings AAAAAARRRGGGGGGHHH YYYUUUUUUKK !
Russian is best, european is good, american somewhere in a remote desolate corner of the earth and japanese are foul stinking bad machines. Not even close to a motorcycle. A machine at best. But a motorcycle ? NO WAY !!

Most bikes today have too much "unfixable" stuff on them, electronic this and that controling everything from ignition and fuel injection to braking systems and suspensions. Why? They must be maintained by some "expert" at an ungodly fee and, when they break, you can not fix them, you must replace them! I prefer something I can repair in the field. As for Japanese bikes, the Kawasaki KLR or the Suzuki DR6550 have carried many an adventurer thousands of miles without fault.

I'd like to see BMW take care of any bike the way Ural takes care of any and all of their customers including Hubert.

A 2WD Ural is the best choice by far for adventure riding. Now if you want to show off how much money you can spend a BMW is a much better choice but it won't give you any more service or satisfaction.
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Tony Mark 
5-11-2012 05:55 AM  Write a comment

Hi Hubert,
I dont think you'll recognize me , but I was a Dancer at the Paradis Latin WAY back then haha In the early 80'S, With Gary Cowan ,Lorrain,The Picture is the night wr did the Paris Dakar 1984 I think I'm the one with the Microphone,, Anyway I had Luch with an friend El-Marie and she told me about your Incredible trip so here I am paging thru,, and WOW,its awesome,, Great to have news from you and hope the family is well. Take care and Look forward to seeing more.

Whoa! Wow! Tony!!! Hi. Are you still in France. Great photo.
3223) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; fr; rv: Gecko/20081217 Firefo 
NICO 94 
5-8-2012 04:13 PM  Write a comment

arrtes de mettre des photos comme a, c'est pas bon pour l'honnte pre de famille que je suis !
Ca me donne de sales ides .
Car ... , car quand je vois une photo comme a ...
" J'ai le Side-Car et le voyage qui me dmange,
alors je me gratte un petit peu.
a me soulage et a s'arrange
mais a fait pas trs srieux. "

T'as pig le problme ...

En attendant je te souhaite une bonne route sur ton side presque tout neuf
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Sigi Peyer 
Zrich SwitzerlandCH
5-2-2012 09:11 AM  Write a comment


Came across your website by acctdent. Anwesome! Makes me want to sell everything, buy a Ural and follow your trails!

Great pics! Keep up the "reports" and ride safely!


P.S. Love the glasses!!! :cool:
3221) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_8) AppleWebKit/534.55.3 (K 
Santa Monica,Ca.
5-1-2012 07:38 AM  Write a comment

Hi U-Bear,
That's a wonderful photo of beach camping.
That's what I hope to do real soon.
Juanita and I say "Hi".
This photo is from our South Fork ride in Three Rivers, Ca.
Hi to Lorraine and Jessica.
Take Care,
3220) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0) 
david miller 
4-30-2012 05:26 AM  Write a comment

Saw a man and woman in a Ural on West Broadway yesterday. Were you and Lorraine back in the old neighborhood?

Just a quick response to say thknas to the many of you who have used this book to leave us a message! We read all your well-wishes. But you may wonder why your message was not displayed on this page: that's a technical limitation that we don't have the resources to resolve at this time if you click in the form that your message is an RSVP, it will be sent to our email address but will NOT be published here on this page.I wish I could get the system to do what I want: send me email AND show your message here, but it doesn't work that way right now. SO, if you want to leave a greeting here on the site, go ahead and click guestbook greeting' in the form. :) To all of you who can come see y'all on the big day!
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NICO 94 
Val of Marne jungle
4-29-2012 12:27 PM  Write a comment

Hubert tu vas tre content !
Nous avons pris un risque aujourd'hui ... On a t faire du vlo dans Paname, yeah !!

Pour la Closerie, on a fait mettre sur ton compte, comme d'hab ...

Qu'est-ce qu'on a bien mang !

Grosses bises de nous trois
Nico Charles et Emma

hubert in Namibia:
ca me fait plaisir, mais j'aurai prefere casser la croute avec vous !!!
je vous embrasse tous les 3 nico

3218) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11 
Gournay sur Marne (93)
4-28-2012 03:09 AM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,

Merci pour ce site qui me fait rver.
Quand le blues rapparait j'y fait un petit tour et le moral revient. Si tu peux ne tarrtes pas en 2015. Bonne route.
3217) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:12.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/12.0 
4-27-2012 02:36 PM  Write a comment

Hubert tu nous feras pas croire que c'est si facile ! Car la mcanique n'est pas facile : faut de la tte et de l'adresse, et parfois de la force quand on ne dispose pas de tous les outils ad hoc.

Dommage que j'ai pas demand mon pre de tout m'apprendre : rgler un carbu par exemple ... il n'avait aucune limite ... maintenant son gnie me porte et il va m'apprendre beaucoup de choses ! J'ai tout apprendre, et a avance bien si je vois d'o je viens : " j'ai pris un risque aujourd'hui " je suis all donf (dans les limites autorises... ) revoir le mcano prs de Milly la fort, pour redmarrer le 125 deux temps ! En 15 min on tait d'accord sur les principes ... a roule.
Fais nous de si belles photos et commentaires a nous tient sur la crte de la vague ... souvent je remonte tes histoires et je vois que tu changes les photos ... merci !
Je te souhaite bonne route et je t'embrasse - Dominique alias do-Minic
3216) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; Orange 
Alain ( Pustinja) 
east of Paris
4-27-2012 10:43 AM  Write a comment

Bonjour Hubert ,
a va Hubert ... je vois que c'est trs cool .... aprs la mcanique pousse sur l'Ural .... tu rcupres .... !!!..... tu as raison comme tu dis le principal c'est de voir les toiles la nuit .....
Je t'embrasse , Alain

If I communicated I could thank you eoungh for this, I'd be lying.

Wowza, problem solved like it never happeend.
3215) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0 
4-26-2012 03:33 PM  Write a comment

Rgale toi bien en dcouvrant la faune namibienne, mais prvois quelque chose pour te couvrir le nez, car les phoques a poke un max quand c'est en nombre comme a ...

hubert in Namibia:
Tu as raison Bert, je vais rouler quelques jours avant d'aller voir le phoques et je pense que nos odeurs se neutraliseront !!!

3214) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0) 
david miller 
4-25-2012 04:28 AM  Write a comment

We would love to take some NYC hot dogs to Lorraine. We will be in Brittany from May 12-18. :-)

hubert in Namibia:
Sounds like a great idea, but find a way to keep them warm !!!
I hope you and the kids all do well

david ... how cool. Where in Brittany? Shall I van to you .. or would you like to come to the farm?

We arrive in Rennes on the 12th, 13th and 14th in Carantec.
Can you email us what will work
best for you.
David & Susan
3213) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Win98; fr; rv: Gecko/20081217 Firefo 
NICO 94 
entre deux tours
4-24-2012 12:24 PM  Write a comment

Eh ben dis-donc Hubert, pour un mcanicien dangereux comme tu aimes te qualifier, je trouve que tu as assur comme un Chef !


Nico qui t' embrasse bien fort

hubert in Namibia:
Bonjour mon petit Nico
Tu as raisons, j'ai assur comme un chef, mais je peux te dire que j'ai trembl plus d'une fois !!!
Merci de ta gentillesse et de ta gnrosit.
je suis presque prt a aller voir la faune Namibienne
Je t'embrasse bien fort aussi et a tres bientot

Alain ( Pustinja ):
C'est vrai qu'il a assur le pre Hubert ...... !!!......
Alain ....
(Quand passes tu en seine et marne Nico ..?..... )

Salut Alain,
bravo pour ta dernire ralisation
un jour je passe te voir promis .
3212) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_8) AppleWebKit/534.54.16 ( 
Tony San 
4-23-2012 01:39 AM  Write a comment

Hello Hubert my friend, I saw these glasses at the roadside in Japan. I was on the way to catch the ferry to Vladivostok. Not sure what it says but I'll find out.
As always ride safe my friend.

Tony san Vladivostok:
It says 'Vision Glasses'
3211) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_5 like Mac OS X; fr-fr) Appl 
4-22-2012 01:24 AM  Write a comment

Salut hub pour les crous rcalcitrant tu va au casto du coin et tu prend du degripant haute densit ,bonne route merci pour les photos
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San Diego
4-19-2012 09:45 PM  Write a comment

Any word on Jean Louis? Is he close to rejoining?

hubert in Namibia:
After getting to Cameroun, Jean-Louis flew to New York where he is in the arms of his beloved Alison.
He should be back in Cameroun in May to continue his travel..
3209) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0 
near Paris
4-19-2012 01:18 PM  Write a comment

Dis donc Hubert c'est cool l'Afrique : le passage du side sur la mer se fait dans un container ... c'est moins prilleux que la passage du canal de Panama ! Et en plus, les cloches de Pque t'auront apport une belle boite ... de vitesses ... et j'espre de chocolats aussi ?

do-Minic : Hubert, plus srieusement, comment aurais tu fait pour voyager au long cours si tu n'tais pas devenu capable de changer, aprs les Harley et la BM, une boite de vitesse ? Je veux dire, pour bien exprimer la question : faut il savoir couter ( au moins ), voire dmonter et remonter son destrier pour partir sur la route ? Je crois que oui ; rponds si tu veux et quand tu pourras, d'autant que tu sais que j'ai beaucoup faire avant de me pencher sur mon beau 600 ... Mais je suis pas tout seul et c'est peut tre une question que ceux qui roulent dej depuis longtemps doivent se poser avant de partir plus loin et plus longtemps.
Merci toi pour tout ce que tu apportes par le Timelessride - do-Minic
"J'oublie pas d'attaquer un souci chaque jour ... et dans la bonne humeur !" (c'est mon credo du moment ... tu pigeras ma source !)
3208) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.1; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11.0 
prs Paris
4-17-2012 11:36 PM  Write a comment

Hubert mme de passage en Europe tu fais les bons choix et tu nous fais envie .. Pour ton prochain voyage en France je te recomnande les magasins allemands LIDL : saucisses de Frankfort, saucisses blanches, choucroute gogo ecetera
Lorraine va pouvoir en manger dans son van-van pendant que tu te remettras aux dlicieux ragouts de poissons et de petits mammifres ...
Bon voyage vers le side-sud !
Je t'embrasse

so ... while vanning around France with me in the Spring ... you were thinking about hot dogs?

Hubert in Namibia:
Comparing a Frankfurter Bockwrste with a hot dog is like comparing a bottle of Don Perignon with bottle of San Pellegrino !!!
But don't worry my love, when i am with you, I forgot everything because I love you

Translation: Yes I was thinking about hot dogs!!!!

Dominique : Ah ah Lorraine et Jessica ... et les "saucisses de : Strasbourg, de Montbliard, de Morteau" et le "saucisson chaud lyonnais", et le "boudin aux pommes, ou aux oignons" et "l'andouillette" ?

... tu sais Hubert, je lis le Timelessride la nuit mais le jour je bosse, je bosse ( je dors aussi ) ... je peux pas fixer le jour de mon dpart, mais petit petit ... rsoudre mes problmes ... penser au voyage ... la mcanique, le puzzle est devant moi et il va s'assembler, dans la joie et sans peine. Puisque je suis libre du boulot ! Sans que tu le saches, chaque tour de roue que tu fais, ... chaque saucisse, chaque clin d'oeil de tous et toutes sur le Timelessride m'encouragent ...
Bonne route, je t'embrasse.
3207) IP logged  Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 6.0; Trident/5.0; SLCC1; 
Guy et Claudette 
4-17-2012 03:57 AM  Write a comment

Salut toi Hubert,
Superbe reportage sur l'esclavage, bravo et merci.
Je pense que pour te rencontrer va falloir que je dmnage sur Paris.
Bonne route toi.

Hubeth en Frankfurt:
Te fais pas chier Guy , vient en Afrique, j'y serais demain !!!

je vous embrasse

3206) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_6_8) AppleWebKit/534.55.3 (K 
Santa Monica,Ca.
4-15-2012 07:17 PM  Write a comment

Hello U-bear and Lorraine,
I'm glad that you had a wonder time "Vanning" around together. That's Great and very inspirational.

I'm a little jealous!

However, I did get to hang out and ride around in Three Rivers, CA. with my very close friend, Juanita. We had a wonderful time enjoying springtime in the foothills.

I hope we can do it again soon!

Here's photo of Juanita in the sidecar with Lake Kaweah and Sequoia National Park in the background.

Hope to see you soon.

Take Care,

Springtime in California... I'm a little jealous too... Hard to say which country is prettier ... fortunately we don't have to.' Just enjoy.
3205) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11 
4-15-2012 10:18 AM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,

Je suis Paris demain aprs midi.
Un tout petit crneaux 16h 17h30 du cot de la gare de l'est...

Je serais trs heureux de te serrer la main ! ?

V motard

hubert en Normandie:
bonjour laurent
Normalement j'arrive gare montparnasse a 16h46.
Envoie moi vite un email avec ton tel et je t'appelle en arrivant, on peut certainement prendre un cafe ensemble.
a tout a l'heure

Heureux de cette rencontre mon ami.
Bon voyage et continue de te rgaler!
Amitis sincres
3204) IP logged  Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:11.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/11 
4-13-2012 12:38 AM  Write a comment

Salut Hubert,

Passez donc me dire bonjour dans les Ardennes. Les valles de la Semoy et de la Meuse sont magnifiques en ce moment. Elles se pare d'une multitudes de verts somptueux.

Je vous accueille et vous prpare les road-books.

V motard,
Laurent qui te suis depuis... trs longtemps.

PS : en photo, mon dernier jouet...
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