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1-31-2012 10:33 AM  Write a comment

Mapquest says 80's there...
50's here , amazing for January
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Alex Smith 
Lovington, New Mexico
1-30-2012 05:22 PM  Write a comment

Hello Hubert!

I'm riding across the US, heading home from Mobile, Alabama to my home just north of Seattle, Washington. I'm in New Mexico now, but will be riding west to San Diego and then heading North.

Ree-chard & Ro-Bear, do either of you fancy meeting up? I bet you'd be interested in my little trailer. You had better call me at 425-903-2632, or text me, as I don't have normal access to the internet.

Hope all is well in Africa Hubert and Jean Louis!


Bravo Alex, je ne me permet pas de répondre à la place de HUBERT.
Je suis heureux pour toi et je t'envie, je te connais grace au site. Tu peux nous causer de ta moto et de sa remorque ? Mon père en avait une comme cela derrière un SOLEX pour porter ( dans Paris ) des charges pour son métier, dans PARIS en SOLEX tu te faufilait comme une anguille partout, et j'ai sur j'ai pris le relai. Si t'as pas un Solex dans Paris quand tu bosses t'es vraiment un blaireau !
Merci par avance et longue route à toi tu as la chance d'être aux EUA. mes 3 enfants étaient à S F pas très loin d'Hubert et sa famille au jour de l'An, et mon fils lit le VoyageInfini. J'espère qu'il voyagera. Une de mes filles a fait plusieurs fois le tour du monde ... en avion, mais elle pris beaucoup de moyen de transports collectifs ou individuelles, y compris un scoot chez nos frères Thaïlandais ; je suis très fier d'elle. La première a passé 3 ans au Canada. Comme Hubert je suis très fier d'eux
Je sors

Ree-chard in Santa Monica:
Hi Alex,
Cool trailer!
I just left a message on your phone.
If you're coming through Santa Monica (Los Angeles) in the next few days, (Wed., Thurs, Fri. or Sun.) give me a call, let's try to get together for lunch or dinner. I have to work in the mornings, but I'm free in the afternoons.
You've really been moving!
Take Care,

Dominique ::
La remorque peut être une alternative au side, si j'en juge par l'expérience de mes parents ... de la Harley au vélosolex. Pour ma part j'ai débuté sur un Solex et j'en suis resté à la " moto verte ", avec un formidable petit 2 temps Guzzi italien de 125cm3 produit dans les années 1970 : une machine qui " monte " aux arbres et que je n'ai pas penser à doter d'une remorque.
D'où vient ta remorque Alex : est ce que tu l'as fabriquée, où achetée ?

The trailer can be an alternative to the side if I may judge by the experience of my parents : from Harley to velosolex. For my part I started on a Solex ... anf I am still on a " green bike " with my great little 2 time guzzi of 125cm3 which climbs on trees, but i did not think to provide a trailer. Alex: is this that you manufactured or purchased ?
Thank you very much.

Ree-Chard, it just so happens that I caught a ride from San Diego to the Seattle area in the back of a friends truck. So I won't be passing through the Los Angeles area. Take care!

Hello Dominique, the trailer is called a Moto-Mule, you can find it online if you google it. I did not manufacture it myself. I bought it. Have a good day


Thank you Al-x ; I found U-bear's Timeless, you found moto-Mule ... ! We live in paradize do not we ?
Were are you from Alex ,
Chuss !
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Dominique Dutour 
Athis - fFrance
1-30-2012 02:41 PM  Write a comment

Hubert ,
Félicité est arrivée
Elle a fait moins de kilomêtres que toi mais quel projet mené depuis des années !
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Dominique Dutour 
Athids Mons près PARIS
1-28-2012 07:29 PM  Write a comment


Voici quelques chants de corps pour la fête de la Saint Hubert :
h t t p : / /w w w. rompesdechass index1600.php
Cliques sur la " ST Hubert "

Je t'aime Do-minic

Désolé Dominique mais ce n'est pas la St.Hubert ???? Sa fête est au mois de Novembre..

Très trop fort merci. On peut fêter à HUBERT sa fête tous les jours ... tu seras d'accord. En fait je me suis calé sur la fête du SAINT HUBERT : vas sur le lien que j'ai mis : see & hear

Qi dit Saint Hubert dit CHEVAL pas loin, et notre héros est dessus (les chevaux BM et URAL) depuis toujours


AH .... OK !!!!!

Pardon, il manquait un "t" : le lien correct est h t t p ://w w w.trompesdechasse. ch /

Thank you Clair and Dominique. Your dialog here has been an education.

This is a nice side benefit of the TIMELESS RIDE.

Dominique :
Markas you are nice, I found that by chance ! As you read on the site, the SAINT HUBERT is a dog's species, dedicated for hunting stags, hinds, and wild boars in some western countries ( France, England ). May be in the USA too ? This is traditionnal hunting for centuries, which needs horses too, of course. With Claire you help me to write more.
I love Hubert, he makes me think too of my father ( died last year, 96 old ) he had a beautiful HD 750 in the 50ties and I remind - like yesterday -of me in the side " Précision" with my mother ! Of course I was so young. We travelled a lot on roads. I remember my father, he looked like a hero too on his big " horse " Amen.
Thank you Markas. Now Hu-bear and J L are on their horses, in jungle countries ! New times, new heroes.

Your's is a point of view where real intelligence shines thrugoh.
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1-27-2012 10:21 PM  Write a comment

I have a feeling from looking at the google map thing that the next stories are going to be really good.
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Jolanta and Johan 
1-27-2012 06:33 AM  Write a comment

Thanks to all the inspiration from Hubert one can still imagine an exciting biker-life for many years to come. So far my bike Jolanta and I have only seen the Baltics. Africa 2020, who knows?

Tony san:
Hi Johan,
There is an East/West meeting in Poland in June. You are very welcome to attend.
Please look up 'MZ east West meeting' on google.
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San Diego
1-24-2012 08:37 PM  Write a comment

Hurray! Hubert is back in action.
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Jean-Pierre MONTREUIL 
De la Vendée du sud
1-20-2012 02:26 PM  Write a comment

Encore un beau reportage... merci... :-)

- These rock, Sarah! Love these food pics!!! It was so great sieeng you tonight with the rest of the photog group January 27, 2010 – 11:30 PM
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Tony San 
Shizuoka Japan
1-19-2012 07:30 PM  Write a comment

Great write up Jean Louis, Very Educational. It's like looking at National Geographic but more realistic. We thank you for that. Regards.

Ree-chard in Santa Monica:
Yes, thanks Jean-Louis (and Hubert).
Wonderful photos and very "up close and personal".
Tony, you must be starting to pack for your big trip right about now (?).
Take Care,

Tony san:
Yes Richard, and the bikes from England that will join me on my trip are already on the high seas and should arrive in Japan Feb. 21st.

I guess (and hope) this will be oruevrled. Imagine the opposite case: A man throwing the law at wifey for not having enough sex with him.

I could watch Schindler's List and still be happy after raeding this.
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1-19-2012 12:19 PM  Write a comment

general location west africa
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Santa Monica, CA.
1-17-2012 09:50 PM  Write a comment

Yes, U-bear,
The Siberians really have "True Grit"!
As does Felicity Aston.
As do you and Jean-Louis, too!
Take Care,
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1-17-2012 09:15 AM  Write a comment

watching the video gives a whole new meaning to the phrase : "bad road ahead".

I will remind myself and friends when they complain about bad roads. Here in the Netherlands one does not have conditions like SIBERIA.
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1-17-2012 09:05 AM  Write a comment

The only reason people survive in Siberia is the same reason people stay in Whiskysconsin. They are born there. There is no other reason. A sane person would move to the South of France or Tuscany, California maybe, but not Southern California it is way to crowded.

While we here in Whiskysconsin no longer have it as tough as Siberians the weather is the same. I don't want to trade places with them but just ride their motorcycle sidecars.
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à coté de Bazas France
1-13-2012 09:51 AM  Write a comment

Bonne année à vous deux et à tout vos proches. Faite gaffe à vous dans ces régions peu stables, il y a toujours quelques bargeots pour s'en prendre aux voyageurs même aux plus sympas.
Amitié et bons vents. :-)
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Québec Canada
1-12-2012 04:42 PM  Write a comment

:cool: ne te fais pas de bill !! tu va sûrement réussir à le programmer ton GPS pour retourner chez toi un jour ou l'autre :confused: et en attendant profite bien du paysage car tu en traverse de très beau espèce de chanceux que tu est ;-) .
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athis mons - france
1-11-2012 06:32 PM  Write a comment

Hubert je te souhaite une belle et bonne année 2012 sur la route et à Jean Louis également.
L'épreuve que je viens de passer m'a fait mieux comprendre ton choix de vie ... et si j'ai tenu le coup c'est aussi parce que " Timelessride " m'a tenu compagnie aux moments les plus difficiles : Timelessride n'est pas seulement contagieux, c'est un médicament à lui seul ! Merci les amis.
A bientôt

fredzouille la grenouille:
salut et bonne année à tous, je vous le dis, notre ami U bear devrait être sponsorisé par la sécu, courage dominique, faut pas mollir et vive les voyages et le side car,bon vent U beer sans alccol et jean louis, on se serrera la pince un de ces jours ,,,

C'est grace à des soutiens comme le tien qu'on se relève, par bonheur de vivre aussi et surtout l'aide du ciel,


Tu as raison Fred : sans alcool toujours, sinon tu vas pas loin ; c'est un peu comme mettre un adjuvant dans une mob : elle monte aux arbres mais ne va pas loin ...

We've arrveid at the end of the line and I have what I need!
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1-10-2012 03:24 AM  Write a comment

Bonjour Hubert et Jean Louis.
Je vous souhaite mes bons voeux pour cette nouvelle année ainsi qu'a vos familles. Et oui! c'est comme au boulot,il faut se séparer un temps et reprendre la route...
Plaisanterie a part continuez a nous faire rêver et que la route reprenne!
Amitiées . Christian.
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Tony & Yoko 
Shizuoka Japan
1-9-2012 07:09 AM  Write a comment

Have a safe journey back to Mali Hubert. We look forward to hearing more from Africa. Do take care, we are thinking about you as always.
Jean louis, how was your Christmas break? When do you get back together with Hubert?
Our Very Best Regards from Japan
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Etienne Le Petit Rigolo 
chez Maman
1-7-2012 06:34 AM  Write a comment

à peine 2012 commencé et déjà un Iron But en Polo, bravo, tu ne baisses pas la voilure.

Pour cette nouvelle année, je te souhaite d'être adulé par les femmes, des kilomètres de route et de saucisson à manger.

Merci d'avance à continuer de me faire rêvé.


Richard in Santa Moncia:
Great photo Etienne!
And, a great bike.

I share your thoughts and wishes.

Tony san:
Great to see another MZ.

Etienne the Neird:
Unfortunately, it's not my ride, I want one, ES with Stoye, I found the picture on the Web.

Translation of my message for english speaking U-Bear fellows :

2012 has just begun and you have already achieved a VW Polo Iron But, You never give up. For this new year, I wish you being cherished by women and many kilometers of road and dry sausage (!)

Cheers and Happy New Year

Tony san:
Thanks for that Etienne, I've had most models of MZ (2 stroke) but the ES is still my favourite. This year I will cross Russia on my ETZ250. I thought the picture looked more Eastern Europe.
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Santa Monica, CA.
1-6-2012 05:51 PM  Write a comment

Hi U-Bear,
Well I'm sorry to say that my Sacramento dinner photos from Sandra Dee's have disappeared.
Somehow I must have accidentally deleted them from the Aperture program on my computer.

I hope you and Lorraine have a good time in Normandy.
(I'm looking forward to seeing what it looks like there.)

Ro-Bear, I'm sorry about not being able to send you the photos from our dinner.

Hope to see you all soon,

hubert in Jersey -- UK:
Don't worry about a thing Ree-chard, I have my photos of that evening with you. As soon as I will settled down, I will email them to you 2 guys.

Richard in Santa Moncia:
Thanks U-Bear!
By the way, this is a photo of part of the wall of the Old Souls coffee house in Sacramento, CA.
I do have some photos from there!

I was taking my grandsons home to Sacramento yesterday after they spend the weekend with us. I took a route I've never taken before and sitting at a stop sign looked over and there was the Old Soul's club - I'll have to stop in some time. Don't worry about the pictures, I have a good memory for an old guy.


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Heck of a job there, it abosultley helps me out.
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1-6-2012 10:24 AM  Write a comment

May 2012 ... be the year you change from wishing to doing, your dream ...
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Cyrille Rose 
St julien-en-genevois
1-6-2012 01:05 AM  Write a comment

Pour moi en 2012...c'est encore un peu plus de folie...De la folie tu en as également et c'est un plaisir de te suivre tout au long de ton périple.
Meillleurs voeux de bonheur et d'échange pour cette nouvelle anné change rien...
De t'avoir rencontré...cela est inespéré et me rattache un peu plus avec toi.
du fond du coeur, un grand merci pour ce que tu es
Mes filles t'embrassent (Axelle et Typhaine)
PS: Si tu repasse un jour à St Ju, passe boire le café...
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1-4-2012 12:53 PM  Write a comment

Your right Ubear this site is infectious.

But I gotta ask. What's in Aldo's wicker basket?

Also it's good you finally found Aldo, everybody on the planet has been looking for him.
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Santa Monica, CA.
1-1-2012 11:32 PM  Write a comment

Happy New Year to Everyone!

May this New Year bring many wonderful travels, experiences, and memories to you all.

Very best wishes,
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1-1-2012 03:32 AM  Write a comment


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1-1-2012 03:23 AM  Write a comment

Bonne année à toi Hubert et à vous tous. Des sous et du temps pour en profiter ;-)
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le Mitch 
12-31-2011 11:30 PM  Write a comment

Bonne route à toi et Jean Louis pour 2012
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Bordeaux France
12-31-2011 03:13 AM  Write a comment

Fini bien l'année Hubert, et pour celle qui pointe le bout de son nez, je te souhaites ainsi qu'à toutes celles et ceux que tru aimes, que le meilleur...
Pour toi en particulier, que de bons km, plein de belles choses à nous communiquer pour le plus grand plaisir de tous,
Je t'embrasse,

Bravo tu ne parles ni de sa distrib ni de ton HD ni de ton voyage ni de Ines ,ton message n'est adressé qu'a Hubert
bravo pour les progrés
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Tony & Yoko 
Shizuoka Japan
12-30-2011 01:48 AM  Write a comment

To Hubert, Family & friends everywhere, here's wishing you all good fortune in the coming year.
Our Very Best Regards from Japan

Paul USA:
Are things better now... no more quakes, waves, radiation... are you 2 well ?

Tony san:
Things are improving very very slowly. People are still living in temporary accommodation in the hardest hit areas.
Earthquakes? Japan has them on a daily basis but thankfully nothing as serious as last March.
Check out

Tony san:
We are well and I'm looking forward to my trip in March 2012.
Just Google 'mz overland' for my homepage
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Linda Lister Reinhardt 
Bay Point CA
12-28-2011 11:52 PM  Write a comment

Ron and I are still enjoying the memories made at the Tower Cafe with your family on Christmas Eve! The plan worked so perfectly! Thank you again for sharing such fun with us! We will continue to follow your adventures with our prayers for safe travel and joyous friendships along the way! Happy New Year!
Linda (and Ron)

Richard in Santa Moncia:
Hey Ron,
I think we met at Ski's last "Meet and greet" at Triquest Motorcycles on June 26, 2011.
(I was the guy with cane and the bad back who came down in my friend's old Mercedes.)
Hope to meet you again on the road.

Richard in Santa Moncia:
Hi U-Bear,
I hope your trip to Paris went well and that you and Lorraine have a great New Year's celebration at Giorgio's!
Regards and best wishes to all!

Paul USA:
Hubert... you look well, rested, a smile once more upon your face

Ron Trotter:
Ubear thank you and your framily so much for the GREAT Christmas surprise of breakfast with you and your family. You all surprised me real good. I hope the New Year grants all of you your true wishs. And Lorraine, may your plans go smoothly in helping your cousin. Your friends Ron and Linda.

Ron Trotter:
And to Richard in Moncia,
Yes I do remember our meeting and talks about travel and meeting other people on the road. I always learn from other peoples trips things that help me, and thaT gets me in less trouble. But NOT out of trouble. Best wishes to you and yours this New Year, and the joy of more road trips and smiles. Your friend, Ron (;>
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merrill and diane 
Cincinnati, Ohio
12-26-2011 11:07 AM  Write a comment

happy holidays my friend... and best wishes for adventure in 2012.
here's a good start, we both get a 3% social security raise for 2012 and Tintin the movie has been released...
i'm heading to Mexico on my new Super Tenere in a few weeks. visiting the 'Cave of the Swallows' in San Louis Potosi. google it (Youtube)
hi to Lorraine, love merrill and diane
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Steve Kellogg 
12-26-2011 07:44 AM  Write a comment

Next time you travel in Africa or any malaria area, take advice from Jim Humble. Malaria is very easily cured using his readily available product which is used in E. Africa.

I've used his MMS very successfully.
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Marlinde van Gilst 
12-25-2011 12:50 PM  Write a comment

Hi hubert

We met the day before you left to Paris in djamillia bamako. ( girl from holland) Hope you are fine and enjoying X=mass. I am having a fab time in Mali and I did go to the desert in the end ( although it was a little bit tricky due to all those terrorists stuff) Anyway, loved it and stayed with the toareqs. I am going back on the 6th of Jan so I will miss you guys by two days. Hope you have a great trip. If you decide to go to the festival of the desert, let me know as I have some good contacts who can provide safety. Give my love to Jean Louis and tell him off that he did not send me an email........ Love and hug
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NICO 94 
12-25-2011 11:22 AM  Write a comment

G E A N T le coup de la photo surprise !

Joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année à toi et aux
tiens Hubert .

Linda Reinhardt:
I am Linda in the red sweater. Thank you again Hubert for this fabulous experience! It worked like clock work and was a memory of a lifetime!
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12-25-2011 10:11 AM  Write a comment


Merci Claire ! Et Bonnes Fêtes à vous également !

et tu Claire! merry xmas and happy new year and thanks for doing the editing on this board.
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12-25-2011 01:23 AM  Write a comment

Great to see people having a good time. I wish you, Hubert and family a great X-mas time.

And all the other people who visit this URL happy times and a wonderful and healthy new year to come.
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Chiara & sandro 
Rosheim, Alsace, France
12-24-2011 12:31 PM  Write a comment

Avec ma fille nous vous souhaitons à toi ,ta famille et tous tes amis un très joyeux Noël.
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12-23-2011 10:26 AM  Write a comment

Happy Holidays --Fleas-navi-dog
Safe Journey
Good Health
Prosper in all that you do

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12-23-2011 07:07 AM  Write a comment

Hubert, Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew, Charles, Rick:

My wife and I really enjoyed our
"annual" dinner" the other night.
As always it was a pleasure seeing
all of you, and spending the evening with good food and good friends. We hope to see Lorraine (and you U-Bear) this spring in Normandy.

"Nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him, as travel and contact with many kinds of people."

Your friend, Ro-Bear

Ree-chard-San Francisco:
Hubert, Lorraine, Jessica, Andrew, Charles, Robert and Elizibeth,

I feel very lucky to have you all as friends!
Thank you all for a wonderful time.
I hope we can do it again next year.
(Or perhaps in Normandy?)

Happy Holidays.

That's what we've all been waiting for! Great postnig!

This article is a home run, pure and siplme!
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12-23-2011 04:44 AM  Write a comment

Tiger Wood vient de gagner le chevron Denis

And to think I was going to talk to someone in proesn about this.

Just what the doctor ordered, thakntiy you!

what is chevron DEVIS ,
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Maurice cosman 
la seyne sur mer france
12-22-2011 02:46 AM  Write a comment

et encore une année de plus sur la route mon ural ronronne de plus en plus bientôt je vais faire ma première hivernale avec Madame (elle vient dans le froid avec moi pour me faire plaisir c'est beau l'amour )
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12-20-2011 01:03 AM  Write a comment

Bonjour Hubert,
Les milles vaches Génial, mais en comparant mon son moteur avec d'autres, "et Hop", je viens de commander au père Noël de Manzat, une distribution "Herzog" youpi à moi les ongles noirs...., et je partirais serein; Mais je papote, que tes derniers jours de 2011 soit festifs, préambules aux tes prochaines péripéties de 2012...
En page 9 de mon blog "Helephantski", tu trouveras si ça t'intéresse, mon CR de cette épopée en Corrèze
Amitiés side carriste,

hubert in Sacramento:
Merci a toi Dom, j'espere bien de rencontrer un de ces jours sur les routes avec ton sidecar "Herzogué"
Je t'embrasse et je te souhaite une tres bonne année 2012 avec beaucoup de km.

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Sacramento, Ca.
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Okay U-bear,
I'll see you there.

(Or, I should say, "See you here!" )
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1/2 way to Sacramento
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Hi Hubert, Lorraine, and Jessica,
I'm half way from Santa Monica to Sacramento.

My ESL class says "Happy Holidays" to you, and to everyone who visits your website!

See you soon,

hubert in Sacramento:
Hello Ree-chard
Good to know you are already in Sacramento, we will have breakfast tomorrow morning at the Old Soul coffee shop and dinner tomorrow night with R0-bear at Sandra Dee's BBQ.

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Frederick Truncale 
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Hubert... i decided to catch up on The Timeless Ride to see if you were in the NY area for the holiday.. nice to see you got some quality time with the girls.. Tahoe is beautiful.. i took Gabrielle on a motorcycle trip through Yosemite and Tahoe last Summer and ended in San Francisco... we normally ski in Utah (we can ski in April - then head to the south of Utah and ride near Moab and Arches - all in the same week) ... but i think we must try to get to Tahoe in the winter ... I am a bit envious of the life you are forging for yourself.. but we are doing our best to keep things interesting here in NJ... hope to catch up with you soon... best of wishes this holiday season...

Hubert in Sacramento:
Dear Frederick
If I recall correctly, you have 4 youngs kids so don't worry, you are not missing anything on not living on the road. Keep taking a good care of your family and one of these days, they will all fly on their own, then I will see you on the road with your wife.
Do you still have your Red Ural sidecar or the BMW 1200GS/Ural ?
See you soon my friend and thank you for your good wishes

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Salut Hubert !
I enjoy reading your stories about you trip to Russia,Sibir and Baikal Lake.
Fantastic pictures!Bravo!
You are brave man.
But why Ural motocickle? Very rarely to seen Ural on the roads in Russia, especially in Kaliningrad (Batic Sea)
Best wishes :-)) :-)

Hubert in Lake Tahoe:
Hello Aleksandr
I bought a Ural sidecar because it is the only sidecar sold commercially with 2WD. I know we can't buy them anymore in Russia but in Europe and the USA there are plenty of dealer and it is affordable.
I love my 2WD Ural, I can do so much more than I was doing before with my BMW R100GSPD/Ural.
I loved traveling Russia, people are very generous and hospitable.
I hope to meet with you one of these day somewhere on the road


Alek, the Ural is a jewel of a product. Maybe your to close to it to realize what a wonderful thing it can be. Get over the idea that it is for poor people, that was the past. Today's Ural gives the world unbounded pleasure. If your Russian you should be proud of what it was and has become.

I just couldn't depart your website prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often to check up on new posts

Thanks for the answer, I believe that Ural is not quite "russian" motosykle.Too many parts from other countries in Ural.
But thank you, that you drive this bike.
Greetings from Kaliningrad

O,yes! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

What's it take to bceome a sublime expounder of prose like yourself?
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Brownsville Oregon USA
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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and good fortune in your travels for the upcoming year....

Your's is the intelligent aprpoach to this issue.

Enlightening the world, one helpful artilce at a time.
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Lake Tahoe
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Richard and Markhas, you are so disappointing, you obviously did not rollover the photo on the blahblahblog, you will see why I ate the animal in a minute !!!


Ree-chard in Santa Moncia:
I just "rollped over" the page! Wow.
I'm disappointed, too.
Yes, that's a one person crab for sure!

When I showed my students the crab photo this morning there were some different words across the top of the photo. We talked about all the words for crab in about 10 different languages.
Almost all the words for crab are short words(?).
Regardless of it's size, it still looks good!

you didn't show the catasrophy of all the empty shell laying about the kitchen floor.

Oh I'll bet we'll pay for this...

hubert in Lake Tahoe:
Hello Markhas
By respect of people with sensitive soul, i avoid showing the mess of the empty shell laying all over the living room but i can reassure you that i take a shower and put all my clothe in the washing machine right after dinner !!!


Ree-chard in Santa Moncia:
Another job well done!
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Santa Monica, CA.
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Looks like you're going to need a hammer to tackle that giant crab.
I know you won't need any help eating it!

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Well somehow you got this one on a plate. Must'a took Jessica and Lorraine both working over time to get it done. Now you have to eat it.... this outta be good. Waiting for the full castatrophy. :)
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Jessica, Your dad has been on his own too long. Go find him a plate and napkin for his lunch.

hubert in Lake Tahoe:
You are right Kid, I forgot about these things !!!


HAHA - he didn't use a plate or napkin before the trip either. Maybe it's a french thing.

Tony san:
I knew Hubert and me had something in common, and not just riding a bike. Nicely put Jessica.
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Kirk and Kristie 
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Wonderful video of fun and laughter! Glad to see you all are doing well and Have a Merry Christmas!

Hi Kirk and Kristie! How are you guys! Hope you're well, thinking of you.

Hi Guys!!!! So glad to hear from you ( I know; I know ) I miss you (and Idaho) so much. Love hearing about your beautiful daughter. Merry Christmas and love ... always
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Vichy - FRANCE
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Bonjour du centre-France d'un Croque Mort
qui lit toujours avec autant de passion ta route, je prend comme tu me l'avait dit un risque de temps en temps.....pas plus je suis en rodage.
Je t'envoi un morceau de France de Corrèze ou nous avons avec les Ural passés un formidable rassemblement aux Milles-Vaches.
programme cela pour les années à venir , tu y aurais ta place...bonne fin d'année et n'oublie pas qu'il faut préféré le vin d'ici que l'eau dela............

hubert in Lake Tahoe:
Bonjour Croquelaroute
Tu sais je pense souvent a toi, tu m'avais marqué quand je t'ai connu au stage mecanique de Manzat, ton humour permanent pour un croque mort m'intrigue toujours.
a bientot sur les route
je t'embrasse
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Robert Hayes 
Muskoka On Canada
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Hubert.....I have been reading about your adventures for so long that I feel like I know you as though we had met....LOL...
I too am 65 and planning to bike Alaska In June then Central America in Sept and on to SA.....hope I have half the fun you have had......

Wishing You And Your Family All The Best


It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.

It's imperative that more peploe make this exact point.
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Santa Monica, CA.
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Hi U-Bear,
Thanks for sharing you ski vacation.
Fantastic video!
i feel like I was there with you all.
(Except I didn't get cold or tired.)
I'm sorry I missed out on that egg sandwich.)
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New Mexico, USA
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I've missed seeing your videos. Glad to see your family Christmas video again this year.

Hey, that post lveeas me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!

No more s***. All posts of this qulaity from now on
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Iserlohn, Germany
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too bad, in Germany we cannot see the video, due to music rights.

enjoy your time with your family.

I keep following your blog. ;-)

hubert at Lake Tahoe:
Problem resolved:
Hello Stephan, I put a link on the Youtube video page to open a new page with the same video directly from my server.
have a happy holiday.


hubert... you are the best!
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Superbe ta vidéo ... J'ai adoré !! et je vois que Milou est toujours aussi en forme.

Bisous à la famille.. et bonne fin de vacances au ski !
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Jessica's laugh is becoming a trademark for her. It is really ROBUST... :)

hubert at Lake Tahoe:
You are right markhas, she has it since she was very little.

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Michael Huber 
12-8-2011 12:56 PM  Write a comment

Chèr Hubert,
je te souhaite des bons jours avec ta belle famille!

Amicalement, Michael et Dnepr
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